Some of us are a little Extra. We know who we are.

We chat with strangers. We are passionate about details and we tell long stories. We laugh louder, cry harder, and love with greater intensity. We are known to be over-dramatic, over-emotive, and generally over-the-top. We also tend to be hat people.

I know of whence I speak because I am one of these people.

Naturally, we are often overdressed as well, so when this fox-fur hat by Crown Cap came into my life, I knew I could do it justice. There are accessories you wear and accessories that wear you, if you’re not careful, and this hat is definitely the latter. I knew this fur chapeau and I would engage in a battle to the death for top billing. (See? Extra.)
fox-fur hat by Crown Cap
In fact, its high-drama style makes me think of another very Extra lady... the great “Moira Rose” of Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek, played so gloriously by Catherine O’Hara. When it came to styling this luxurious fur cap, I decided to give it the full Extra Treatment by paying homage to “Moira,” and thereby showing it to its full advantage.
snowtop women’s cap with knitted fox fur
Once I put this hat on, I didn’t want to take it off. I felt like a classic film star, a character in a Tolstoy novel, a Disney villainess... pick your archetype!

Crafted with luxuriously knitted fox fur, this snowtop women’s cap is soft and warm on even the coldest winter days. Its flexible design gives it the stretch and versatility to fit most head sizes. The dark fur with golden highlights is flattering to all complexions and winter fashions.

Crown Cap, is a company based in Western Canada that has been designing fur hats and caps for over 80 years. They are committed to creating the highest quality products with the finest materials, maintaining prairie sensibilities while becoming global fashion enterprise.
Crown Cap, is a company based in Western Canada that has been designing fur hats and caps for over 80 years
If you’re feeling Extra enough, the Women’s Fox Fur Snowtop Hat is now available to order online at The Brown Bear:


Disclaimer: I have a few things in common with “Moira Rose.” I, myself, am a former actress with a less than lustrous career who, rather late in life, found herself living in a very small, rural town. I also have a penchant for wearing black and layering too many necklaces. People sometimes comment on my “accent,” but I don’t think I have one. Basically, creating this look should have been a lot more challenging than it was.
Moira Rose inspired outfit featuring snowtop fox fur hat
PS - Classic but on-trend, this beautiful fox fur hat pairs just as well with cottage-core fashion or a plaid shacket. You don’t actually have to be Extra to wear this look. But it helps.

“Our lives are like little bébé crows, carried upon a curious wind.” - Moira Rose
beautiful fox fur snowtop hat by Crown Cap

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