Blue Skies
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Most of us in the northern hemisphere want winter to be over a lot sooner than it actually is. Weeks, even months sooner. March especially seems endlessly drab as we desperately crave warmth, sunshine, and sandals. But we have to stick it out. Spring will come in due time.

What makes a long winter a little easier to bear? Coziness! A really special pair of slippers can take us through the final weeks of snow and slush as we slowly transition into warmer temps and sunnier days.

Bastien’s Suede Moccasins for Women help make waiting for Spring much more bearable!
bastien industries blue and black fleece lined authentic moccasins
Crafted on the Wendake Reserve in Quebec, Canada, Bastien moccasins are authentically Indigenous-made. The genuine suede exterior is hand-stitched and hand-beaded using traditional techniques inspired by generations of the Huron-Wendat tribe.

Lightweight and fleece-lined, these moccasins for women are classic in style but contemporary in comfort. Rawhide laces and exquisite beading add charm to the traditional look.
artistic hand-beaded design on a pair of authentic moccasins
Best of all, they come in two beautiful colours: basic black but also blue... blue, like the clear, blue sunny skies we dream about seeing within the next few months! In the meantime, there will be chilly days and maybe even one last snowstorm or two, and these mocs will see us through faithfully till Spring.
woman embracing her authentic moccasins

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