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Summer is officially here! It’s time to shed our winter layers and bask in the sun. Say goodbye to boots and thick shoes, and hello to open-toed sandals!

Introducing the beautiful vegan Tamara Sandal by Biotime® — specially modified for earthing.

This unique sandal is orthopedic in quality and stunning in style. Crafted in Spain, it is certified Vegan with zero animal origin materials.
Vegan Leather Upper Therapeutic Cork Footbed Biotime Summer Sandals
The Tamara sandal features the following vegan components:

- Vegan Leather Upper (made from pineapple fibres)

- Cork-lined Therapeutic Footbed

- Natural Crepe Rubber Outsole

Its flexible toe thong and moulded cork footbed ensure maximum orthopedic comfort and support. But this simple yet elegant sandal has an extra special element: a copper rivet for earthing or “grounding.”
Copper Rivet inserted into soles of earthing sandals by biotime
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