Comfortable Shoes, Healthy Body
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High quality, authentic moccasins are some of the most comfortable and versatile shoes you will ever own. In fact, the footwear we choose can have a significant effect on our entire body.

Genuine leather moccasins for men by Laurentian Chief are designed in the spirit of traditional mocs. Made by hand with rich, chocolate brown moose hide and contrasting laces, they feature a major contemporary addition in comfort: memory foam.
Memory foam insoles in a pair of moccasins best comfort
It’s time to experience the benefits a well-crafted shoe with memory foam can offer:

1) Less Pressure, Better Posture

Our feet carry the weight of our whole body. Memory foam eases pressure by distributing that weight more evenly, absorbing heel shock, and providing arch support. When the body is properly balanced and supported, stress on the joints, spine and pelvis is reduced, and your general alignment improves.
Walking in a pair of rubber sole comfy moccasins
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