Old World, New Connection
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We live in an incredible moment in time; a time in which we are blessed with modern conveniences and advancements. If we choose, we can integrate contemporary advantages with the best aspects of tradition, the lessons and evolutions of the past.

In some ways, we really can have the best of both worlds.

Historically, people have had a stronger connection to nature than we do now. More of us worked outdoors, and with our hands. Communities, labor, and social events largely revolved around the changing seasons. Life was harder in many ways, but also simpler, and we had a better understanding of the delicate balance between humanity and the natural environment.
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The business of modern living today often keeps nature at a distance. We have greater comforts, but less time to enjoy them. Life is easier on certain levels, and yet somehow more complicated.

As technology advances and we strive to achieve more, aim higher, work faster, we are also reminded of the importance of authenticity and getting back to the basics. These days, it seems like we are rediscovering the healing power of the natural world. It refreshes us, body and soul.
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