Indoor Moccasins For Stay-at-Home Style
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I saw an article recently that asked, “Are moccasins slippers or shoes?” and I couldn’t decide if the answer was “neither” or “both”. The great thing about a good pair of mocs is that they’re as comfortable as slippers when you wear them as shoes, and they look like shoes when you wear them as slippers. They really up your indoor wardrobe game!

This makes indoor moccasins a closet staple on an entirely different level.
Women's Laurentian Chief Moccasins Embossed Native Chief Soles
Women’s Moose Hide Moccasins by Laurentian Chief have a minimalist look that pairs well with all your stay-at-home essentials. Whether it’s sleep wear, work-from-home basics, or lounge wear, moccasin slippers are the ultimate accessory to laid-back style.


Traditional mocs look and feel amazing with a big, soft sweater, and the cork-colored moose hide is a lovely match with warm, winter-white, or other neutrals. Laurentian Chief’s traditional moccasin design featuring U-shaped vamp and hand-stitching was made for cabin-core fashion.
casual outfit laid out on the floor with comfortable leather moccasins


With their padded insole and gentle suede interior, putting on moccasins feels as good as getting into your PJs after a long day. Over time, the supple leather adapts to the shape of your foot, evolving into a custom fit of exceptional comfort.
Comfortable authentic Native moccasins made in Canada from genuine leather

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