Set The Table, Set The Tone
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In fashion, a really great statement piece can elevate an entire look. The same goes for home décor, beginning with standout textiles.

Whether entertaining or decorating your dining area, a well-set table is one of the most inviting sights in the home. An attractive table-scape can make dining a feast for the eye as well as the palate.
Feast for the eyes and palate with this elegant table setting with Native inspired tapestry and table runner
Adding unique table linen to your décor can further elevate a place setting, especially when those linens feature beautiful Indigenous artwork.

Running Raven by Morgan Asoyuf

This design is characterized by a bold contrast of black, red, and white. In Pacific Northwest Coast culture, a raven symbolizes mystery, transformation, knowledge, and truth. It can also be a messenger, and some believe that the secret wisdom of the Creator is hidden in its wings.

The colors work well with gold-toned or stainless steel silverware, and black accent pieces.
Running Raven matching table runner and napkin by Morgan Asoyuf from Native Northwest
Morgan Asoyuf is a Ts’msyen multi-disciplinary artist from the Lax Kw’alaams community near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. Asoyuf says: “Art is an intimate connection to our history, identity and our community. I am honored to continue our traditions and to share them.”

Salish Sunset by Simone Diamond

A striking design of red, black, and turquoise with warm, gold accents that capture the radiance of the sky at sundown. Pair with gold or brass accessories to add to the glow.
stunning table setting by Simone Diamond Native Indigenous Artist featuring Salish Sunset pattern

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