Seasonal Rhythms
Long ago, before the age of commercialized Christmases - and indeed, before Christmas itself - the colder months were considered a time of rest and renewal, following the busy summer and harvest seasons.

The short days and long nights of winter were spent fortifying mind and body, gathering with friends and family around the fire, riding out the freezing temperatures until the beginnings of Spring.

Today, this instinct for quiet restoration and alignment with nature, is at odds with the busy holiday season of modern living. Instead of cozy days spent close to home and keeping warm indoors, we are besieged by crowded stores, social and professional obligations, and the pressures of gift-giving. And we all know how much of this pressure falls on women to accommodate expectations for Christmas and other holiday events.
beautiful heart-shaped gold Christmas ornament on the tree
It’s more important than ever to remind ourselves of the revitalizing energy of winter, and perhaps begin observing some of those ancient seasonal rhythms once again.

One way to slow down and simplify is to create a ritual or routine in which we, as women, intentionally make space for ourselves. This time could be used to enjoy a hot mug of tea, meditate, write in a journal, watch a classic movie, read a book, or do something we love that is not dependent on productivity, but passion. Something just for us.
combination of cozy moccasin slippers, mug, novels, roaring fire and candle
Stepping into a special pair of slippers can initiate this routine, by reminding us that to pause is good, and to rest is to rejuvenate. When we fill our own cup, it overflows with joy to others.

Laurentian Chief’s indoor moccasins are the perfect slippers for this.
Laurentian Chief women's moccasin slippers with rabbit fur collar and sheepskin lining
Made with velvety suede sheepskin and lined with shearling, moccasin slippers give you an instant moment of comfort and indulgence. Available in gentle shades of tan or grey, they form- fit to your footprint over time in a way that only makes them more cozy. Genuine rabbit fur trim surrounds the ankle with additional luxury and warmth. These moccasins are crafted in Canada with traditional artisanship, designed with a soft sole (no synthetics) and exquisite hand- beading.
real rabbit fur wrap around a pair of genuine suede leather beaded moccasin slippers made in Canada
The best part is, Sheepskin Rabbit Fur Moccasins by Laurentian Chief can be conveniently ordered online. No need to drive on treacherous roads or be surrounded by throngs of people at a mall. Available in Natural Tan or Grey, in Women’s sizes 4-10:

This holiday season, give yourself - or an equally well-deserving woman in your life - the gift of quiet time, and the space to be still, even just for a few moments. Take inspiration from the sleeping trees and hibernating woodland creatures at this time of year. These beautiful, fur- trimmed moccasin slippers are like a promise we make to ourselves, and we owe it to ourselves to keep it.
Resting feet on a coffee table with fire in background wearing a pair of moccasin slippers

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