Slippers With a Story
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Gift-giving seems to be evolving, especially over the holidays.
Slippers With a Story
We are increasingly choosing to give the ones we love something that is meaningful or one-of-a-kind. Many of us look beyond the assembly line of short-lived trends towards what will have long-term impact: something well-made, that is well-earned, to be well-loved. The most interesting gifts always have a story.

Like a pair of Chuni slippers.
Chuni slippers traditional handmade slippers sheepskin
Chuni slippers are traditional, handmade house shoes, carefully crafted with natural materials like sheepskin or leather. Gender-neutral in styling, they have an old-world look and feel to them, evoking an ancient time and place.
Kyrgyzstan Shepherd sheep herderPhoto courtesy Arun Bhat.

Our new Brown Bear Chuni slippers are made by MerinoMood in the mountainous regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. Here, three generations have worked with local shepherds to select the finest sheepskins and wool from the peaks and valleys of the remote Tian Shan mountains. Once the suede shearling is chosen and cut, it is handcrafted, assembled and stitched into footwear and other apparel by seamstresses in a tailoring workshop, not mass-produced or factory made. This craftsmanship can be seen and felt in every slipper.
wearing warm sheepskin chuni slippers

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