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A good night’s sleep is truly restorative. When we have slept soundly and long, we can feel it in mind and body, as we awaken feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Sleep gives the body a break from all the mental, physical, and emotional demands of the day. It replenishes our energy, lowers our heart rate and blood pressure, promotes healing, and strengthens natural immunity.

According to Statistics Canada, one in three Canadians between the ages of 35 - 64 report not getting enough sleep. While this can be due to distractions like staying up late on our devices or watching TV, ironically, some of the issues keeping us awake are the very things that sleep helps to repair: stress, inflammation, chronic pain, hormonal fluctuations, and more.

A grounded sleep can help.
Double Sleep Pad for Earthing on a queen size bed 100% conductive
Studies over the past 20 years have consistently shown that grounding and earthing results in series of wellness benefits. Both scientific and anecdotal reports have demonstrated that the human body responds positively to the earth’s electro-magnetic field; in fact, the earth’s naturally-occurring electrons stabilize our circadian rhythms and regenerate healthy cell activity. Those who practice earthing and grounding therapy - in nature or via grounding products - experience a noticeable improvement in overall health.

A grounded mattress pad is an excellent way to incorporate grounding techniques into daily life, for a better sleep and beyond. It simply fits over your mattress, on top of your bed sheets and plugs into a grounded outlet. If used camping or outdoors, it can be plugged directly into the ground.
Cord connected to an earthing pad for sleeping on a night
Now available in our online shop, this soft, quilted sleeping pad is interwoven with 100% pure silver threads. Silver is a naturally conductive metal that carries the grounded current, which is absorbed by your body as you lie on the pad. In addition, silver neutralizes the damaging EMF activity of cell phones and other wireless devices that can also disturb our sleep patterns as well.
plush earthing sleep pad single for grounding while you rest in bed

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