Slippers With Great Personality
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If I were to set you up with a pair of these MerinoMood slippers and you asked me what they look like, and I said, “They have great personality” — what would you think?

Probably that they’re not a traditionally attractive slipper, right? And you wouldn’t be wrong.

But even though - at first - they are a lot to take in, once you put your feet into them, you’ll quickly realize that everything you’ve heard your whole life is true: looks don’t matter; it’s what’s inside that counts... except in the case of these slippers, what’s inside is what’s all over, since they’re completely covered in thick, plush fleece. These super-fluffy sheepskin slides are definitely EXTRA.
Cat sitting on a pair of furry sheepskin slipper sandals
When you think about it, our favourite, most comfortable clothes are usually items we wouldn’t be seen wearing outside the home. Our campfire hoodie. That t-shirt we’ve had since college. A fleece unicorn onesie. An ex-boyfriend’s plaid shirt.

MerinoMood Sheepskin Slippers definitely fall into that category of 'Slightly Embarrassing But Awesomely Comfortable Things You Will Never Stop Wearing'. Seriously - step into these luxuriously soft slippers and you will no longer care what they look like!
MerinoMood sheepskin slipper sandals warm and cozy
Handcrafted in the Tian Shan mountains from genuine shearling, MerinoMood indoor slides slip on easily and cozily. Their deep-pile fibres are 100% genuine sheepskin. Shearling wool is known for its thermal properties; it insulates, but breathes, encouraging air circulation so your feet stay toasty warm in winter, but comfortably cool in summer.
MerinoMood sheepskin slippers sandals with rubber sole

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