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I think the right pair of slippers can change your whole day. Hear me out.

So much of the world dictates what our responsibilities are, how we execute them, and what our appearance must be. Some of us wear uniforms every day, or professional office attire, maybe even practical gear for outdoor/physical work, and our shoes have to be suited to the dress code, environment, and duties we carry out.

High heels, sweaty sneakers, work boots... whatever you usually wear, the best part is kicking them off at the end of a long day. And nothing slows time like being on your feet in chafing or poorly fitted shoes, as you count down the hours before you can finally go home and remove them.
High heels vs moccasins
Enter Laurentian Chief’s Suede Indoor Moccasin for Women.

Taking your tired feet out of tired shoes is one thing. Stepping them into soft suede slippers is like beginning a whole new day; a better, more relaxed, cozier one, because being at home is where our real life begins.
close up of fringes on a pair of Laurentian Chief suede moccasins
Laurentian Chief’s Indoor Moccasins are made by hand with 100% genuine suede, inside and out. Smoky grey and accented with a fringed vamp, rawhide laces, and hand-stitched details, they embrace your feet with velvety comfort. The insole is designed with flexible foam padding, and the soft outsole is embossed with the famous Laurentian Chief logo.
Quality Laurentian Chief made in Canada moccasins
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