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HARMONY783 is an innovative company dedicated to reconnecting people with nature via footwear for earthing. They call it a “reunion with Mother Earth.”

Earthing, also known as grounding, occurs when our bodies are in direct contact with the ground, and we can absorb the Earth’s naturally occurring electrons. Walking barefoot is the most basic way to get grounded, but it is not always easy or practical to do so.

Enter HARMONY783 and their beautifully designed, high-quality grounding shoes.

Instead of placing a barrier between you and the Earth with rubber soles and synthetic materials, HARMONY783 has created conductive footwear that helps you directly plug into the Earth’s replenishing energy with every step.
Men’s Leather Driver Shoe earthing shoes by HARMONY783
Many grounding shoes are casual or sporty in nature for leisurely forest walks or nature hikes. But the Men’s Leather Driver Shoe is elevated in style for an upscale casual look.

These caramel-colored genuine leather loafers are buttery soft, sleek and rich in appearance. Embellished with a classic stitched vamp and black accent on the heel, they pair well with everything from khakis to jeans to shorts. The microfiber insoles are cushioned with soft, supportive memory foam for unsurpassed comfort.
Men's dressy formal looking grounding or earthing shoes
HARMONY783’s Leather Driver Shoes for Men are like having a secret weapon. The traditional styling camouflages their modern engineering and patent-pending GroundworksTM technology.

GroundworksTM ensures that the shoe is constructed with materials designed to conduct and absorb the Earth’s electrons through the outsole, enabling you to practice earthing on any natural surface without going barefoot.
GroundworksTM technology by Harmony783[Images courtesy of]

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