The Enduring Legacy of Moccasins
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Moccasins are steeped in history, crafted with time-honoured materials and design. They have the distinction of being the original footwear of North American Indigenous peoples, in some cases characterizing tribes and territories.

The practicality of the moccasin was quickly embraced by European settlers, influencing generations of shoes with features that can trace their roots back to the initial Amerindian archetype.

Today, those features are often combined with contemporary comforts to create footwear with a classic look that also accommodates the modern urban lifestyle.
Tying laces on a pair of caribou leather moccasin shoes
Laurentian Chief has perfectly achieved this blend of traditional-meets-trend with their signature Leather Moccasins for Men. Handcrafted in Canada by the Eugène Cloutier company since 1945, these moccasins have been created and inspired by Indigenous art and techniques in the following unique ways:

Heritage Hides

Original moccasins were made with the strongest hides of animals found regionally: buffalo, elk, deer, caribou. These Laurentian Chief men’s moccasins are crafted with genuine, Natural Tan caribou hide, long prized for its lightweight durability. Rawhide laces complete the look.
Laurentian Chief Label
Men’s Caribou Moccasins are leather-lined, with a fully padded leather insole.

In keeping with the traditions of Indigenous communities and their respect for the Earth’s natural gifts, all pelts, skins, and furs used to make Laurentian Chief footwear are responsibly sourced.

Classic Design

The most prominent feature of a traditional moccasin is the U-shaped vamp with a stitched and gathered upper section. The leather appears puckered, with a very slightly upturned toe. Historically, this was done to protect the seam from potential damage underfoot, such as wet ground or rough terrain. Laurentian Chief’s modern Caribou Moccasin for Men is more akin to a loafer, retaining the signature puckered U-style vamp.
quality moccasin loafer for men made from genuine caribou leather
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