Snow Days
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Traditional-style mukluk boots are as rich in history as the moccasin, and just as timeless.

Mukluks have been worn for centuries by the Inuit and other Indigenous communities. Also like the moccasin, their design and wear differed regionally between tribes, but they were originally made with sealskin or caribou hide and furs.

Today, mukluks have evolved to include contemporary materials for extra protection against the cold, as well as beautiful details to add to their craftsmanship and appearance. They are worn all over the world, both for practical reasons and as a fashion statement.
women's mukluks with hand-beaded design by Laurentian Chief
Women’s Mukluks by Laurentian Chief definitely make a statement like no other!

Handmade in Canada, these trendy mukluks are luxurious and warm in fur-wrapped, winter- white genuine leather. The inner boot is lined with fleece and the exterior features a durable Marron Italia sole for outdoor use.
durable rubber sole and beautiful beading on a pair of Canadian made mukluks
Aesthetic details include pinked leather patches, exquisite hand-beaded motifs on the vamp and shaft, and real rabbit fur wrap-around, with sassy matching pompoms. Mukluks are mid- calf height (13”) with a 14.5” circumference. Dressed up or dressed down, these lovely mukluk boots will keep you snug and cozy, while elevating your cold-weather style to a whole new level!
Women's white midcalf mukluks authentic Native Style
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