A Moment of Stillness

A Moment of Stillness

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I am rather prone to migraines, and I know I’m not alone.

At times, the world is a dizzying swirl of chaos and complications, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In fact, most of us are experiencing at least one, if not a combination of these headache triggers:

• Pressure at work
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Hormonal fluctuations
• Muscle tension
• Care-giving
• Financial worries
• Bereavement
• Stressful relationships
• Illness or injury
• Family responsibilities
• Anxiety
• Politics
• Pandemic living...

... and the list goes on.
Suffering from a migraine wearing an earthing headband
It would be nice to alleviate the physical side effects of these challenges without having to reach for a pill or prescription. Sometimes, you just need everything to be still for a moment while you catch your breath. and try to re-discover what it means to feel centered and grounded again.
Earthing the science behind walking on the earth to absorb electrons
Practicing grounding (or “earthing“) outside in nature is one solution. Earthing has been scientifically proven to promote wellness by improving energy levels, sleep, and mood. It is also effective in offsetting the impacts of modern living, such as reducing EMF exposure and minimizing stress.

But it’s not always possible to get outdoors for a walk if you’re not feeling your best. When I’m suffering from migraine, I need to retreat to a dark, quiet room and lie down to ease the pain and nausea, and relax my tired brain.
resting wearing an earthing headband grounded to the earth
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