The Barefoot Feeling
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“If you want to lift your spirit, you have to ground your soul. This is why your “sole” is on the bottom of your feet!” - Alexis Brooks, author of “Conscious Musings.”

My feet have skipped across the grass, as a child, and splashed me through sprinklers. They’ve sunk into the hot sand of seaside beaches. They’ve carried me across stages in theatre and graduations. My feet have danced me in clubs and at parties and in my own living room. Occasionally, I have been swept off of them. They’ve walked me down the aisle, and along hospital corridors when I was in labor. My feet have been tired out by the weight of long, hard days, and occasionally pampered with spa treatments. I’ve walked a mile in other people’s shoes, and thousands of miles in my own.
Relaxation tea with a pair of minimalist ballet leather moccasins
Of all of these different walks through life, the barefoot feeling is the best... being grounded, sure-footed, and balanced. Sometimes you just need to feel the earth beneath your feet. After all, you don’t really know where you stand until you know exactly what you’re standing on.
Fudge brown leather ballet moccasins by Laurentian Chief
Ballerina mocs are a simple and satisfying way to take this journey, indoors and out.

Their design is a cross between ballet flats and minimalist moccasins, with hand-stitching, traditional center seam, and rawhide laces. Made with supple elk hide, they are known as a “barefoot slipper” because they are the next best thing to going without shoes. The velvety suede interior feels amazing on your bare skin.
Women's minimalist ballerina moccasins
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