Wide Stride

Wide Stride

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Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor shoe, a traditional, high-quality pair of moccasins is a sound investment. And the best moccasins are made with time-honoured details like genuine leather, hand-stitching, and rawhide laces.
Extra wide fitting moccasins for men with wide foot made in Canada
Moccasins are meant to conform to your feet over time, however, a wider foot requires specialty sizing from the very first step. Shoes that fit poorly or too tight can create discomfort, from mild issues like calluses or chafing, to more serious problems like bunions. There’s no justification for purchasing painful footwear that doesn’t fit properly.
EEE wide footbed men's moccasins made in Canada by Alfred Cloutier barbo Wakonsun
The Alfred Cloutier company has introduced a handsome, wide-fitting Wakosun Men’s Moccasin to ensure your most comfortable fit ever.

Wide-Fit Features

With an EEE wide footbed, these mocs are handmade in Canada with classic style and superior materials:

• Genuine cow hide leather
• Suede lining
• Hand-stitched vamp
• Foam insole
• Adjustable rawhide lacing
• Hunter rubber outsole
men's extra wide fit EEE genuine leather moccasins
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  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Elouise Joseph: We do not have a wide shoe with a rubber sole for women. You could order these but you would need to size down. You can email us directly if you need help with sizing.

    We do have a moccasin slipper with a wide toe box for women here: https://www.thebrownbear.ca/products/moccasins-womens-wide-slippers

  • Elouise Joseph

    I am a woman with a wide foot and need a wide toe box. Would you recommend this shoe or do you have something similar for women? Thanks.

  • The Brown Bear

    In response to Melissa: We are located in Westport, Ontario and yes we do allow in person shopping by appointment only. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.

  • Melissa Yates

    Do you sell these in any stores where I might have my son try on ?

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