The Earthing Option
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Traditional moccasins are the original earthing shoes. Their organic, all-leather construction acts as a conduit between our bodies and the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. This exchange of energy stabilizes our cells and nervous system, connecting us to our most significant source of vitality: nature.
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When contemporary materials like rubber soles or foam footbeds are added, however, the moccasin loses its earthing connection. Why? Because synthetics are non-conductive, and they create a barrier between us and the earth’s surface.

Until recently, the idea of gleaning wellness benefits through earthing was considered a fairly bohemian concept. Only hippies believe that absorbing the earth’s electrons into your body can improve your health, right?

only hippies go barefoot in the grass wrong
The advantages of earthing, or “grounding”, are now well documented and founded in scientific research. Ongoing studies and anecdotal reports have shown that a grounded connection can:

  • Re-sync our circadian rhythm
  • Stimulate healthy cellular activity
  • Improve immune response
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Accelerate healing
  • Improve circulation
and a host of other positive side-effects.

While walking barefoot is the most natural way to practice earthing, it is not always possible or safe to go without shoes. The next best way to form an earthing connection is with grounding footwear, however, a soft leather sole may not be suitable for some wearers. What is the solution?
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