Grounding: Just The Facts
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Grounding, or “earthing”, is an exercise that is gaining traction, but connecting with the earth is much more than just a new-age trend. The practice can be traced back centuries and to cultures around the world, from the Egyptians to North American Indigenous peoples. The positive benefits are both mental and physical.

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Let’s look at some FACTS about grounding:

Grounding Is Backed By Science

There are now nearly 40 scientific research studies substantiating the health benefits of grounding. It has been established that the human body requires naturally occurring electrons to encourage healthy cellular activity and stabilize free radicals. An earthing connection improves sleep, mood, circulation, and healing, and reduces pain, inflammation, and stress.
Earthing is walking barefoot allowing the electrons to flow into the soles of your feet
A collection of of published scientific studies and articles may be reviewed here: https://

There Are Multiple Grounding Surfaces

Sources for grounding are not confined to a single surface. There are many ways to connect with the earth and its revitalizing energy.
there are many surfaces you can practice earthing on including gravel roads

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