Earthy Vibes

Earthy Vibes

Introducing the chunky, feel-good sandals you’ll wear all summer!

I tried on my first pair of leather Biotime sandals several years ago. As soon as I put my feet into them, I was hooked. It was love at first step. After years of wearing thin, flat slip-ons and awkward wedges, Biotime’s gentle, contoured footbed was like heaven.

“I have to get a pair of these,” I said to my husband. And I did!

Since then, not only has the leather of my sandals mellowed and grown pleasantly malleable over time, but the surface of the therapeutic insole has softened and shaped itself even further to my feet.
Women's Calina Biotime Sandals
New Biotime sandal designs with a special twist are now available on The Brown Bear website. The Cohen (men’s) and Carina (women’s) styles are crafted in Spain with oiled leather uppers, adjustable buckles, and durable EVA outsole. Even better than the trendy, casual look and dependable comfort — they are earthing-optional.
New Biotime sandal designs Cohen and Calina
Earthing shoes allow the wearer to “ground” themselves, a practice that provides countless health benefits. By creating an earthing connection, our bodies are stabilized, healed, and rejuvenated by the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. This phenomenon has been scientifically researched with study after study corroborating evidence of improved mental and physical wellness.
Copper rivet inserted into soles of shoes to create earth connection for earthing
To accommodate grounding, the Cohen and Carina sandals can be fitted with a special copper rivet through the bottom of the shoe. Copper, being conductive, helps to channel the earth’s energy from organic surfaces, which is then absorbed into the body, just as if you were walking barefoot.
Copper Rivet Sandals for Earthing grounding
My own Biotime sandals have a copper post in them. Most of the time I don’t even notice the rivet is there; sometimes I feel a small bump, but it’s not uncomfortable. I like knowing that I can stay grounded without having to go completely barefoot. I wear my pair outside in the backyard, when I run errands, at barbecues with friends. They’re still my go-to summer sandals.
Biotime Earthing Sandal with Copper Post in them
Earthing surfaces include: gravel paths and driveways, concrete, grass, sand, soil, rocks and shells, moss, and natural bodies of water. Grounding is not possible on man-made surfaces, indoor floors, or in shoes with synthetic soles (unless modified specifically for earthing purposes.)

Biotime’s Cohen sandals are available in Men’s sizes 40-45 EU (7-12), and can be ordered with or without a copper rivet for earthing:
Men's and women's biotime cohen and carina three strap sandals
Carina sandals are available in Women’s sizes 36-41 EU (5-10) and can also be ordered with or without a copper rivet:

Biotime sandals already have that earthy vibe you know and love — now they can create a genuine earthing connection, too. Enjoy looking great and feeling even better!
Want to try earthing, buy shoes with copper rivet in sole for a grounding connection

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