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We are introducing earthing moccasins to our website!

You’re probably already familiar with the many excellent characteristics of a good pair of mocs: the classic design, matchless comfort, and quality materials. But did you know that all-natural leather-soled moccasins have another purpose?


Traditional moccasins are the original earthing footwear.
Earthing moccasins with chrome-excel sole more durable

What Is Earthing?

Earthing (also known as “grounding”) is a practice that aligns our bodies with the rhythms of nature. This is how it works:

The Earth has an electromagnetic field with an endless supply of natural electrons.

Likewise, the human body runs on currents and signals sent from the brain to every part of our anatomy.
Leather moccasins for Earthing, connecting to the earth made in Canada
When we make direct contact with the Earth’s surface we absorb its electrons, which promote healthy cellular activity, neutralize free radicals in the body, and stabilize our nervous system. The resulting health benefits include everything from improved sleep and mood to reduced pain and inflammation to accelerated healing.

In recent years, science has been catching up with this phenomenon. Continuing research and anecdotal reports both reveal that grounding techniques have incredibly positive effects on our physical and mental health.
Women's earthing moccasins, made in Canada, black genuine leather
Going barefoot is the simplest way to practice grounding, but it is not always safe or desirable to do so. Unfortunately, naturally-occurring electrons cannot be absorbed through the synthetic materials that make up most shoes. This means that almost all modern footwear - with vinyl uppers, foam insoles, and rubber treads - act as a barrier that prevents us from making an earthing connection.

Earthing moccasins by Bastien are made entirely of moose hide, an organic material that does not disrupt or inhibit the flow of electrons as we walk on outdoor surfaces like grass, sand, and soil. Considered a “barefoot” shoe, these mocs conduct this powerful natural energy and link us to our greatest resource for wellness: planet Earth.
stylish quality moose hide leather moccasins by bastien industries made in Canada

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Russ Ramsland

Russ Ramsland

Purchased a pair of your Men’s Sheepskin lined moccasins and love them. Then I purchased a pair of your caribou with rubber soles (forgot to use the REPEATCUSTOMER code, oh well . . . ) and am hoping I like them as well. I think Laurentian used to make a crepe soled moccasin with a red plaid flannel lining for LL Bean and those were my all time favorites, but alas they don’t seem to make them anymore and LL Bean’s are now cheapo knockoffs made somewhere faraway. So I am glad to find you folks, Canadian made moccasins are still the best.

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