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Remember when weekends were a thing?

Once upon a time, you really could leave your work at the office or job site, most of the time. The world pretty much expected people to enjoy some time off on a regular basis. There was no tech-driven, 24-hour accessibility. Unless it was an emergency, contacting someone about work on a Saturday or Sunday was like crossing a line — those were days reserved for family, recreation, and personal pursuits.
Lying on a couch reading a book wearing moccasins
Weekends used to usher in the chance to put your feet up, read the newspaper (remember newspapers?) or watch a game on TV. There were actual stretches of downtime — you could even catch a nap. There was time for hobbies, time to putter. Remembering puttering?

We really need to bring that back.

Laurentian Chief’s Sheepskin-Lined Moccasins for Men are classic slippers designed for old- school weekends.
Laurentian Chief moccasins with grey suede exterior and rubber sole
Made with soft, dusky brown suede, these indoor mocs are both comfortable and comforting. They’re the slippers you want to see waiting by door when you come home, and the first thing you want to put your feet into when you wake up on a sunny Saturday morning. These are slippers that invite you to meander, ponder, stroll.
Cozy suede moccasins with real sheepskin lining

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