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Leather shoes and goods are valued for their quality, durability and appearance. But not all leather is the same.

Many leathers are sanded and then treated or coloured to create a product with a uniform appearance that erases any naturally occurring textures. This gives it a synthetic look and feel that ultimately compromises the strength, quality, and look of the leather. Some leathers are made from bonding the poorest pieces together with glue, or from leftover scraps cut from the remnants of better hides.

Traditional and authentic moccasins like those made by Bastien and Laurentian Chief are crafted with full-grain leather, also known as wild leather. It is the finest quality leather, preserving the whole grain of the hide.
Laurentian Chief moccasins made and crafted 100% in Canada
Wild leathers include moose, bison, elk, and caribou hides — animals endowed with deep significance in ancient cultures. Historically, Indigenous communities have looked upon these beasts with respect and gratitude, using every part in honour of their sacrifice. A moose or an elk was not hunted for sport, but survival: for meat, hides for clothing, blankets, and shelter, and bones for tool-making. They continue to represent a spiritual connection to the land.
Scratched from wild full grain leather you can see on a pair of authentic moccasins
Full-grain hides are prized for strength and suppleness, as well as their unique character. They often bear the emblematic marks and scars of the animal’s life in the wilderness, adding to the leather’s beauty and authenticity. These marks are considered desirable and indicative of the highest quality hides.
scratch from wild leather you can see in natural full grain moose hide leather
There are many advantages to purchasing full-grain wild leather moccasins:


Leather is breathable, flexible and lightweight, naturally moulding to the individual footprint the longer it is worn, creating a personalized fit.


Full-grain leather with its natural characteristics only becomes more handsome over time, developing a rich patina as it matures.


High quality leather is an organic material that endures longer and with less environmental impact than synthetic alternatives. It is biodegradable, and can be recycled into other goods.
moccasins made in Canada from wild buffalo hide
At Brown Bear, we are proud to feature classic moccasins made in Canada with wild leathers, bearing the marks of the animal’s life, wild and free, in the natural world. Explore our line of authentic, handcrafted mukluks, moccasins, and more on our website:

Wild full-grain leather moccasins in natural and maple colors

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Judy Richardson

Judy Richardson

I just ordered my first pair of earthing moose hide moccasins – and I wanted to ask where you get your moose hide… are these animals sacrificed for their hides? Or are these “found hides” or naturally thinned herds? Thank you for any response. Sincerely, Judy Richardson

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